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How To Be Sport Photographer ?

Hi everyone, do you like Sport? yeah sure...
Today i will sharing about How To Create Sport Photography, this tips especially for not Mobile Photographer. but this tips also can used on Mobile Photography with simple Tricks :)
Sport Photography usually showing in Advertising or Magazine. so need hard work to make it.
this genre can maked for your bussines.
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ok let's check it out

1. Buying Good Camera
you need DSLR camera, because DSLR have high ISO capability, faster auto focus, fast shutter speed, no shutter lag, interchangeble lenses, increased battery lower, and higher frame rate.

2. Choose Great Lens
you need highy budget. yeah this genre must be detail in the image. many choice.

3. Learning How To Use Digital SLR
it's key, why? without skill exprience or knowledge about it you will not get good photos.
you must learning about White Balance, Photographic Exposure, ISO Setting,

4. Find Good Place To Shoot
Good Angle is Good Photo

5. Set Up Your Camera With Carrefully
Set your exposure mode, Set Shutter Speed, ISO of course, and auto focus continues/


in Sport Photography you must be knowing how to take good style.

1. Use Good Tripod or Monopod
2. Shoot Facial Expresion of the Athlete.
3. Turn off Flash
4. Shoot Photos in continues mode

ok guys, next i try to search how to adapted this tips for mobile photographer . thanks very much. hope can help you. please share

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