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Travel and Tour : Welcome To Yogyakarta Indonesia

A Travel Notes from Yogyakarta

Parangtritis Beach and Legend

Best Beach
Parangtritis in Brown Sand
have you ever heard about this beach? Indonesia not only BALI guys! you should  know about this beach, because has a unique culture and popular legend.

one of the unique from this beach is has black sand and has unique desert. this beach not for surfing, if you want do it, it's be recommended! because this beach is very dangerous for swiming. but you can keep playing water, don't worry if you can be careful.

if you want sunbathing or tanning. it's ok but don't undress excessive or don't using bikini! why? because many children there.

Legend of Parangtritis Beach

have heard  about Nyi Roro Kidul? people believe she is the master of the sea (Parangtritis), a stealth.. but it's just a myth. for me? i amn't believe it.
Nyi = Madam or Miss, Roro = I don't Know, maybe is RORO. Kidul = South.
Parangtritis Beach

Malioboro Street

name of a very famous street in Yogyakarta. there a lot of sellers. Food, Clothes, Handcraft, and so on. but if you wanna buy something i will tell you, you must be good at bargaining, why? there a seller will sell merchandise in not the standard price.
for example :
If seller tell you the price of merchandise  IDR / Rupiah 20.000 or in $ = -/+ $2 , you must say want buy in IDR 10.000 or $1 .. if seller do not want to sell with your want, you must leave him. ussually seller will call you and they're will approved the price you want.
Malioboro Street
Andong in Malioboro Street


in Malioboro there is a history museum, Vredeburg. you will knowing about colonization in Yogyakarta.
you just need IDR 2000 to come in.
Best Museum
Vredeburg Yogyakarta
Diodrama Room

Unique Cultural

if you are a foreign visitor, you will be called "Mister"or "Bule" by local people. and you will be feel like a famous because many people want take picture with you. 
and don't forget to always give smile to people.


i will teach how to use Local language there, Java and Indonesia.

if you want to ask a place

Where are this place/ location = (Java) - Tempat Niki Wonten Pundi? , (indonesia) - dimana tempat ini?
excuse me = (java) - nyuwun sewu, ngapunten, (indonesia) - permisi.

excuseme/sorry i will ask = (java) Ngapunten Bade Tanglet , (indonesia) Maaf mau tanya.

Far? = (java) - nopo adoh?, Nopo tebih?. (indonesia) apakah jauh?

sir/mr = Pak
mrs = Buk/ Ibuk

Yes = Ya
No = (java) Mboten, Ora. (indonesia) Tidak.

Please Help to Find Police office/ please help me where this .........{place}.....? = (java) - nyuwun tulung, kantor polisi pundi?, (indonesia) - maaf, tolong bantu, dimana kantor polisi?

if you want to buy something

how price? = (java) Pinten Regane?. (indonesia) berapa harganya?
i want to bargaining = (java) kulo pingin ngenyang/ nawar. (indonesia) saya ingin menawar.
may? = Boleh?
i do not want = (java)- kulo mboten purun!. (indonesia) - saya tidak mau!

Thank you = (java) matur suwun, (indonesia) = terima kasih.

I recommend to bring a dictionary! :)

need to know, Indonesia has a hot climate. if you tired you can ride a traditional vehicle , like Becak(pedicap) or Andong (horse-drawn carriage).

about money. $1 = -/+ IDR 10.000 rupiah.

ok thank you very much.... if you want to see my photography in Yogyakarta i will be upload so on in  Photo Gallery

have good day Guys!!

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