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Hi guys, how are you today? hope all of you be fine. i was took some new picture with my camera phone and put in My Gallery always using camera phone in 3MegaPixel andwas edited for the color of the picture. and i do in Mobile Photography
why always Mobile Photography? because i think it's simple and easy for begginer. can do in everywhere when we're hollyday, travelling, and so on. with Mobile Photography you can keep explore your skill as Amateur Photographer with out Professional Camera
but i am save money to buy Camera DSLR oneday! still make Mobile Photography in camera phone untill i can buy DSLR etc.

because i wanna to be Professional Photographer too and im very interesting about Film in Videography. keep writing a story, maybe one day i can filming. but i still always spread my Mobile Photography

maybe you wanna ask to me, why all my Mobile Photography many shot in dark?
cause i just using simple camera, withou focus, light flash, etc so i think to close the bad light in my picture i have to change the color.

but don't worry, when i have got Pro Camera i will be showing my picture in full color. create Photography in many color

ok thank for reading.
Good Day and Good Luck!

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