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10 Professional Photography Tips

Tips and Trick Great Shoot to Create Naturally Photography

Natural Photography

10 tips Profesional To Create Natural Photography

1. Exploration
Ask to your self, why you want to create photography? How my People reaction when they watch my photography ? How Great Step to shoot? . you must be spontan and always make surprized

2. Experiment
don't be afraid to try it, your photography must be emotional and psychological,

3. Composition
indeed, composition become important and success key of photography,

4. Contekstual
find diferent background, usually photography forget what happen behind the object, choose one which give relevance, contrast and or put your object in unique place.

5. Unique
don't convesional, try and find expresion or gesture in your photos, special light quality can make photography become spectacular,

6. Spontan
Just shoot, quick, watch, and shoot. sometimes you need shoot the image before you see in full image

7. color
world full of colours, just optimization

8. line
make your viewer interested, many utility line in photo, can divide, joint, and clarify certain subdivision from composition

9. other
use new phenomenological , try to capture image in different angle

10. surprized
brave to take risks, try to make surprized for our self, using angle of photography , location in unusual.

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10 Profesional Tips To Create Natural Photography

Reference this article from Kobi Israel, 
he is a Pro Photographer live at London, he was got many photography award, ever join with some publishing and do in travelling

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