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Travel and Tour Guide | Welcome To Brazil : Best Place Your Tours

Brazil Best Place for Your Tours.

yuhuuuu... not long time again, big celebration of FIFA World Cup will coming out.
i will giving a recommendation for you if next you will visiting Brazil.
Tour in Brazil is a Recommended. i not yet came there but i have dream to visit it. i want looking beautiful culture from there.
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1. Rio De Janeiro
one of the largest economic and cultural center of south America.

2. Jericoacoara
there have a lot of activity and entertainment. like surfing and kitesurfing. has beautiful beach, sandbeach, quite water and beautiful wave.

3. Fernando de Noronha
a tropical island, has most beautiful beach in the world. there are spectacullar place

4. Paraty
 is a preserved Portuguese colonial and Brazilian Imperial town with a population of about 36,000

Famous Culture of Brazil

1. Samba Dance
samba is played by strings Cavaquinho and various types of guitars. and also various percussion instrument like tamborin. but since War World II culture impact US, began to be used also wind instrument like the trombone, choro, flute, clarinet, and trumpet

2. Capoeira
yes, i very like this culture!! Capoeira is Martial Arts from African slaves in Brazil in the 1500s around.
fight in capoeira is usually accompanied by music is called Jogo.

ok guys. hope this simple article can gave you insight and enjoy it.

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