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Macro Videography

Hello My Dear Friends. How are you? today i want show to you my new Micro Videography on my Youtube.
it's not tutorial.
ussually a professional photographer or videographer shall need Good Equipment especially a Great Lens for make it. Why? because a Macro Photos/ Videos is about detail. not just about color or light, but detail of skin, texture, etc.

how to do that? may be Hard, so difficulte, may be easy. depending in the equipment used. an profesionnal sometimes also get difficulty. if Object we'll shoot always move.
but for amateur like me :D . same it's very very difficulte to make it.

i'have been maked some macro video with my camera phone and micro lens made hand. i was sharing How To Create Simple Macro Lens in This blog, you can read again.

note : my Macro video without Music or sound. maybe can make you be boring. a little animal i don't know about the animal name. get on my garden.

 maybe any one know the name of animal? can tell me. one day i'll be upload video how to make Macro video.

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