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The Types Of Photography

Hi My Dear Friends, Did you know Kinds of Photography? i'll tell all of you.
Many types of Photography, because Photography is a Art, Art of Life. Like light, Light has many color. so photography has too.
ok let's read.
Amazing Photography
a Mobile Photography from me

1. Natural or Landscape Photography
it's very popular in the world. output of this type very amazing. shoot a big mountain, large green land and so on.
2. Fashion Photography
most of the photo used in magazine, to Show about fashion of course.
3. Glamour Photography
about Style or mode Visualitation,
4. Advertising Photography
used Advertising company, Photographer will be making a good or attractive Photo, so that people interested in the product of the company
5. Wedding Photography
must be creative too, all about memories for the future.
6. Still Life Photography
ussually, we need ordinary object and forming art of their. light must be considered to make it
7. Travel Photography
everypeople has hobby like this, hollyday in fafvorite place like a tourist,and takes mane photos.Generally this photography showing about sight, custom, tradition, culture, ritual and rite
8. Architecture Photography
about builgins and spaces.
9. Potrait Photography
Focus or close up of the people face, about expresion.
10. Macro Photography
need special lens, for zoom in to get a detail of the object.
11. Food Photography
i think we were knowing about it. and ever do. take photos and share to social media
12. Aerial Photography
Flying photographer, take a photos from the air/ from Plane, helicopter and so on
13. Black - white Photography
can be said a Classic Photography, Ussually this type for Humanis or street photography
14. Night Photography
Need profesionnal equipment and camera. need special tehnical to make it/

ok guys, it's 14 kind of photography, thanks very much. please share.

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