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Travel and Tour : Welcome To Australia

Best Tourist Spot In Australia

Australia is a big country, has an area of 77,692,024 square kilometers. Australia has amazing tourist attractions and has a outstanding wealth of nature.

we will tell you, some amazing sights from Australia. this is will be make your tour be awesome!

Great Barrier Reef

A home of stunning reef in the world. if you like diving this place best for you! because you can enjoy the beautiful coral and many beautiful fish of course.
in 1997 part of the 7 wonders of the world.
Beautiful Coral .. Image source :

Fraser Island

In this area you can walk to enjoy a beautiful landscape and also in here you can fishing! it's cool, isn't?
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The Franklin River

Are in Tasmania Wilderness, on of world heritage. has ancient environments and beautiful place of course! and will make you be fascinated! calm and have a clean air
if you an adventure let's come to there!

Sidney Opera House

one of the icons Autralia which has interesting architecture, famous place in the world. this is a center of performing arts Multi-venue, who do 1500 show everyyear. 


Uluru or Ayers Rock, a unique stone structure, sacred sites for indigenous peoples there. The best place to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

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