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The Best DSLR Camere for Begginer and Professional

DSLR Camera still be better for Photography, when everypeople can do faster auto focus and also especially on higher-end model. for you who like to shot photography ini viewfinder, DSLR Camera has optical version which still outperform.

here we'll telling some DSLR Camera is best for you
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Nikon D3300
this DSLR has 24.3 megapixel frame and 1080p video in 60 frame per second. has colors are not only rich, all the key setting are easy to acces, despite not using touchscreen.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Canon EOS Rebel T5i has STM 18-55 mm zoom lens, this DSLR Camera is very cool when you capturing a quite scene. including shoot in 5 photos per second in burst mode. for video recording T5i has 1080p HD at 30fps in stereo sound from built-in microphones.

Canon EOS 70D
built in 20 MP in CMOS imaging chip with "dual pixel" . a 19 point auto focus system in reguler seting mode, shutter speed in 1/8,000 sec.
ISO 25,600 a versatile shooter for 70D for any situation in day or night. 
if you interesting in videography don't worry, 70D superb rig for aspiring filmmaker. you will awesome with this DSLR Camera

Nikon D810
36.3 Mp resolution, has a new 51-point AFS sensor is lightining quick. 5 frames per second burst speed, up to 100 JPEQ fine quality

Sony Alpha a77 II
this is for best action DSLR Camera, shoot 12 frames per second in 5 second! one of fastest DSLR's in the world. camera can autofocus in every shoot. this is best DSLR Camera for you Pro Photogreapher and Videographer!
sony use a translucent mirror that bounces some light into an AF sensor with a record-setting 79 focus point.

ok guys, you can choose one. all the DSLR Camera above best in every skill.

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