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Photography Tips : Create Landscape Photography

Tutorial for Landscape Photography
most popular of photography genre is Landscape photography, because it's always talking and showing about beautifully of World.
yoy can found anywhere about landscape photos, magazine, calendar, and so on. many photographer was maked it with their own tehnique. they have different step to make it. not always every photographer have one step. but for the basic they're keep use one principe.
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i would like to sharing to all of you. this tips especially for Pro Photography but can also using on Mobile Photography.

1. Set Up Your Camera
it's Key! don't get trouble when you have ready to shoot the landscape.

2. Tripod
can help you to focus a object

3. maximize your depth of field
image sensor is key in this point.

4. Focal Point
can take many range from many object in single photo. about building, trees, rock, and so on

5. Don't try to paint the landcsape on camera.
Natural is better. but everyphotography has different on own way.

6. Try to take Object movement
not only landscape photography always showing about silent object. wave, wind, cloud is great photography when we take in creativity

7. Work on weather
you can create dramatic photography. very great when we can create a landscape photograph in heavyrain or storm. because you'll get Amazing scene if you take with carefully.

8. Change your point view
take photos anwhere not always on place you have planed. but on the way you look good place, stop your way. and take it

9. Keep in Lines
Lines give an image depht, and scale.can be point of interest from themselves by creating patterns in our image.

10. Make our own advice
don't take many advice from other. you can make your own as photographer. but you must choose a advice with carefully.

ok guys. thanks very much you've read it. hope can help you. please share.. and see you

reference : digital photography school

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