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Funny Photography, Make me be laught

hi guys! how are you today? still life? :D .. do you like humor? of course! without humor feel you can't life with happy. everyday will crying alone at room T.T . i just will showing some funny Photos from Photography.
just searching in google and i've been selected photos i think it's funny.

let's check it out

1. What are they doing? it's not filmmaking
Best Funny Photography
source :
2. yeahhh i am famous actor guys
Aesome Photos
source : click the image
3. i am animals Photographer . are you believe me?
source : click the image
4. i am winner?
source : click the image
5. aw awa aw what is thattt???
source : click image
oke guys... you can make too, it easy! just need perfect time my think.
thnak you very much

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