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Culture Photography : 8 tips How To Create Epic Culture Photography

Culture is something beautiful heritage of ancestors, every country has different cultures and uniqueness,
one of the most beautiful things when you visit a place in your hollyday is enjoy the culture of the place.
Culture Photography
this image was took in camera phone

what are you doing when you are watching the culture show? certainly enjoying the show and not forget to capture the images of the show.

check it 8 Tips How to utilize the camera to make epic culture photography :

1. Find the culture that is truly unique, but i think all the culture is unique,

2. Using good lens for Professional Photographer whereas for Mobile Photographer you can buy special lens for your smartphone or withiut it is no problem

3. Take objects striking and different with other

4. Making the right direction/ angle it's very important to create something epic.

5. Don't forget about light , find the good light and right

6. Find the culture show in sunset time, why ? you will be finding epic and beautiful scene.

7. Put your photo to Photo editor, use tools like Color Balance, Levels, Hues (Recommended for Mobile Photographer)

8. Share your photo to your friends,

always use your camera to make great photography, and don't miss beautiful moments in the culture show.

ok thanky you, has been read 8 Tips How to create Culture Photography

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