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Street Photography : About and Tips

Street Photography A Favorite From Photographer
Street Photography
by my self

hi everyone. 2 day not update. now i will telling about Street Photography. it's Simple Method of Photography Genre. but we also need skill to make it. let's learning about Street Photography.

From Wikipedia Street Photography is an Art Photography that features the human condition within Publib Placea and does not necessisate the presence of a street or even the urban environment. Framing and timing are key aspects of the craft, a decisive or poignant moment.

we can use kinds of portable camera to make Street Photography, and most kind camera are used by Stree Photographer is Rangefinders, Digital and Film SLRs, and Point- and - shoot cameras.

now we'll learning about it. let's check it out for the Tips.

1. Plan Your Way
you need have a Street Photography Route,

2. Ask Permission to Your Objcet
if you want take people, i think we need to ask permission. if you want to sell your Photos.

3. Learning Street Photography Books
you can learning from the book before you do that. or can learning from many website which telling about it.

4. Get Unique Object
Looking and find at around of you Good obcjet or interesting object.

5. Don't forget The Camera
Carry your camera, many street Photographer always carry their camera at all times.

6. Take Many Frame
don't rushed to leave your object. selecte your good moment to your picture.

ok guys, im so sorry if my english difficulte to be understood. i have not good english ...
thank you've read it.

source : and Wikipedia

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