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Amazing Photography in the Wolrd

hi everyone, i just searching on Google. with keyword "Amazing Photography" and  get many Incredible Photography.
just for our insight. let's check it out

1. Amazing Photography by David Hill
he mixes photo illustration with High Dynamic Range Imaging.
Amazing Travelling
Amazing HDR Photography of David Hill
2. Bubble Bursting
this Photography using High Frame when taking the photos.
source image : click the photos
3. Beautifully of Skydive
source image : click the photo
4. Dragonfly at the Rain
source image : click the photo
and many more. if you would like find many inspiration you can search on google your self :D ..
i am boring so not yet to make Mobile Photography again. i will take the photo when my feel be good.
because when my heart in broken. i got Bad Photos.

thanks very much. please Sharing is Sexy .... Taraaaaaaaa...

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