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Hi everyone? how are you today? hope be fine right!
one of the most enjoyable things is do holiday and would need preparation. Travelling one of the interesting things, so that your holiday trip enjoyable we need to prepare well, concept travel and so on. one good recommendation is don't forget to always carry a camera. certainly for capture the best moment of your trip and travelling.


one of the fun things on the way is can find interesting and unique objects, do not miss to take a picture. with your best skill when you shoot it. must be serius and always keep fun and calm.let's create your Photography, and you can share your photography to everyone

Tips On The Way

that the trip was not boring, make entertainment! make light humor and games. your Travelling will not be quite, always make your travelling in happiness

Tips Photography

do not leave the camera from your hand, and when you taking the picture note the colour, object, light, and object balance. for camera Pro user not to worry cause many setting in the camera. but for camera phone user like as me (mobile photography) need to be carefully when take a picture. because it has limited settings except smarthphone user. photography in travelling is important!

Thus these simple tips, if helpful please share. Thank you very much ...
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