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Photography Tips andTutorial | Learning Photography from Film and Music Video

Photography Tips
Hi everyone, long time i amn't update article for this blog, now i starting to active again. today i will sharing some Tips of Photography to get inspiration to create a photography learning from Film ( videography ),

Learning Photography
How To Get Source?
you can find many video in internet for example in Youtube, Vimeo etc. or when you watch a film in theater you can learning too, how cameramen shot the film, from camera angle, camera moves, zoom in zoom out, etc

Hot To Do After It?
you have to try it. don't just learning without practice! a profesional photographer never let their camera without always take the picture. always to try it until they getting greate picture.

ussually when i take my picture if i was got a inspirasion, on of them . Film. when i watch film, just not enjoy the entertainment.
i have got a good music video, all of you can learning how to shoot picture from that.

The Piano Guys Let it go. in addition to learning how to capture image you can enjoy the beautifully of their song.
my favorite song and fillm

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