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DIY and Photography Tips : How to Create Macro Photography with Easy

i will simple tell you about How to Make Macro Photography with Simple Micro Lens.this Tutorials for Mobile Photography, 
i was make the Macro Photography with Dvd Lens or Optical Lens. before using that lens, i was make it using bulb, you can check my Tips Making Simple Macro Photography with Bulb on My Galerry .
for example :
This Image made used Camera Phone, Not yet edited on Color, etc.
in accually they're small Ant, i was gived sugar on table and many Ant at there
then i take the picture very becarefull. but it's so difficult, take again and again
always get blur photos. maybe i need try again and again. still learning to about that.
let's i will tell simple steps to make it.
first you need camera phone sure.
seek Dvd Lens, you can get former DVD/VCD ..
source :
look at the picture inside, you only need Laser Lens.
take the Lens. slow down.
the you need a little paper to put the lens. make a hole appropriate the lens . paste the lens to the hole with glue or scotch tape.
if finished you need put the lens front of the camera phone.
look the picture, to reference. . and you have a simple macro camera .
ok thanks very much. you have read about How to Create Macro Photography .
if you confused you can full read on diyphotography super macro your cellphone camera with a dvd lens

all of you can watch my macro video using camera phone in here

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