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How To Simple Editing Photography In Photoshop

Mobile Photography Tips
i'll showing to all you, how to created simple color effects of photography Using Photoshop
Photoshop is the best Photo editor in the world. all about photoshop you can visit here : Wikipedia- Adobe Photoshop. an photographey , professional or amateur ussually put color effect for their photos. to make beautiful shoot, lens, and so on.
here i just will tell simple make Photography Effect in COLOR.
this is my photos before edited
inside i was taken on my camera phone with simple micro lens. you can read How To Make Macro Photography in this blog.
an ant were eating a sugar. i also have video about it, check on my channel above in sub menu blog.
After Edited

Ok, let's starting

first, launch your photo editor end put your picture in there.
next Add Levels in your photo. Image - Adjustment - Level
and setting levels like this or "up to you" :D
level setting

and then Add Huesaturations. Image - Adjustment - Huesaturation.
give some effects setting in there.
choose Red in box

then choose in yellow 
choose yellow in box, ang give some effects
last editing, choose Photo Filter , Image - Adjustment - Photo filter
setting your number like this or be adapted your picture,
setting number,
notes : i select orange because my color basic in picture Red/ Yelloe. if you have different color be adapted with your image.

ok. finished! be simple :D
ok guys thank very much, you have read Photography Tips

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