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What Should Photographer Do?
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hi guys. i have got many Photography Tips and Essential Photography from many Website who talking about photography . and you must knowing Camera is no one of key to succes for a Photography.
1. You need shoot in RAW.
2. you must be feel what you see
3. you need Art soul for use Editing Photos
4. there is no Gimmick (camera)
5. to make good photo you don't need better lens
6. you need learning how other photography do/ work
7. don't need take photo everyday
8. reduce to use Photo editor. the mean make natural Photography
9. take several photos of the same place at different angle, exposures, and apertures
10. show your best photos
11. join with photography forum (online)
12. before take a picture, you need think again
13. need critique from other
14. use your favorite light. definitions of photography is painting with light
15. take photos with confidence
16. natural light is the best light
17. underexpose and overexposes is better
18. think everybody is an photographer
19. you work in tool not toys
20. be original
21. have fun
22. learning about histogram
23. avoid using aperture to compensate for poor light
24. use a narrow aperture
25. learning about white balance
26. take a photo with slowly
and many more

thanks very much, you have read Photography Tips
reference and recomended
visit : 100 tips from Eric Kim , Essential Photography tips ,and National Georapich about Photography

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