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Best Place In Indonesia
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Indonesia is one of many beautiful country, have many culture, plant, animal, and so on. have "Smile People" . you will meet many friendly people in there.

say Hello or "Selamat Pagi" it's mean Good Morning. "Selamat Siang" Good Afternoon etc.
when i ask to tourist. where are you going in Indonesia? they said "BALI"
why must be Bali? Indonesia Had many beautiful place, not only Bali.

on here i will give you recommendation.

1. RAJA AMPAT , West Papua .
source :
This is it a Hidden Paradise Land.
are you interesting to DIVING ? this is a good place for a diving/
they had clean water, many beautiful fish and plant.
there any big rock like pandora lol :p
if you interesting to make photography , amateur of professional. there a good place for Photographer

2. MALUK Beach, Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara Barat.
swiming? surfing? Sunbathe? this is good place for you! ..
they're not only have one good beach. still many more beautiful beach in there.
for Photography? don't ask again :p ..

ok guys, 2 Best Place, i will be continue again.
Thanks very much

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