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Amazing Animals Photography

Beautiful Animal Photography In The World.

hi guys. before i telling about it, just wanna ask. what your favorite animals/pet? and what your best photo about your animals?
please answer. don't be silent human my bro, my sis :D ..

ok. i've been found beautiy of animal photos. and will share to you.
Make a Animal Photography is not simple. when the object always give many moves it's make you be difficulte. be patient when you're taking the picture. need close to object when you capture.

but if your object is a domestic animal. you will not get lot problem. but if you meet wild animals. sometimes it's a big problem for you.

let's look Incredible Animals Photography by Great Photography.

1.  Photographer by Felix Esteban That is very Awesome. taken in Sipadan ( Malaysia ). Gold Crabs.

2. By e_monk .. very detail macro Photography ... look like a spider  robot.

3. by Jenn Goellnitz . King Cardinal.. i think that's Actor from Angry Bird . :D lol

4. Very Cool Style.. Yeahh.. let's dance together guys//// it's Unbelieve Photography. i think it's not Photoshoped. by Shikhei Goh . Image Source : thechive

5. it's very great Timing. wow. need big patient to make like that .. Source : fstoppers . photographer by Mahmoud Edeeb

very cool is it? ... give me Reference for next ... ok.. happy working guys!

reference : google and flickr

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