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Cinematography And Photography

Cinematography from Greek "Kinema" = "Movements" and "Graphein" = "to Record".
Do you like Movie ? Film ? . Cinematography is Lighting settings and camera when recording photographic Images for a Cinema or Film or It's the Technique of Movie Photography. need a lot Creativity when Camera and Scene Element is Moves.
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Cinematography is an Art Form in the Field of Filmmaking. a Cinematographer is Responsible Person of all Visual Aspects in Film Making.
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June 19, 1873. Eadweard Muybridge was an English Photographer succesfully photographed a horse named Sallie Gardner in fast motion using a series of 24 stereoscopic camera.

The First Film Cameras were fastened directly to the head of a tripod or other support. with only the crudest kind of levelling devices provided, in the manner of the still-camera tripod heads of the period.

Cinematography can begin with rolls of film or a digital Image Sensor.
Aspect of Cinematography :
1. Image Sensor and Film Stock
2. Filters
3. Lens
4. Depth of Field and Focus
5. Aspect Ratio and Frame
6. Lighting
7. Camera Movements
8. Special Effects
9. Frame Rate Selection

Personel in a Filmmaking Staff (Visual Art) :
1. Director Of Photography is called Cinematography
2. Camera Operator is called Cameramen
3. First Assistant Camera is called Focus Puller
4. Second Assitant Camera is called Clapper Loader
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