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Is Acctually Needed an Mobile Photographer ?

Mobile Photography Tips Part II

Hi everyone, how're you today? hope all of you always keep fine.
some time age you've been read tips and tricks for mobile photography Part I, and i would continue.
Acctually we no need many Tutorials or Tips Trick to Create a Photography especially on Mobile. that's my mind. but we just need getting Inspiratios, Concept, and Technical from that. select one Step and you Develop its own. use your step, use your mind.
Amazing Photography

Ussually when i Create an Photography. sometimes i amn't following steps and rules. i share to forum. there're people who like and hate it too.
but it's not make your creativity be down. we must stand up and shoot again and again.

sometimes when we will  making good a photography, one photography we need many taking photos. one object you shoot more than 5 photo. till you get a better photo. not only that, you must be creative take photo on different angle or place.

lighting it's so key. why? because without good light you'll get bad photo. use your a keen eye and also using our feel. feeling before take tha photo will help us. so our Photography not only about color and beautiful, but also telling about story and feel. it will be Life Photography

not always we must following other way (tutorials). make your own, using own step can make a different photography. maybe we'll get different genre appropriate with our soul.

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