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Tips and Tricks for Mobile Photography

Hi My Dear,
Back again for Mobile Photography Tips. we'll learning about Create Better Mobile Photography.
All of you can trying with your phone, simple phone or smartphone. that surely there must be camera .
Ok you can look my Mobile Photography above on CMP Gallery.
Animation by Mohammad Addin ( me )
ok guys, check it out.
1. Give Your Object with Light
if you shoot the object in room, you need enough light. can using Flash/bit on Camera phone or Light from the Lamp

2. Don't using Zoom, but Crop
when you want get close object, don't using zoom if you ot using lens for camera phone. because ussually they'll destroy the pixel

3. Take Close to your Object
you can get close the object with manualy. but if your camera phone no automatic focus, you must be adjusting the distance between Object and Camera

4. Better App
you must using good app when you take the picture using applicatio on your phone.

5. Keep Still and Calm
don't make many move, you'll get a blur or out of focus.

6. Clean Lens
when you take the picture with dirty lens, you can knowing what you'll getting.

7. Choose Highest Resolution
the better quality of resolution, will give you great image pixel. im always in 1 megapixel till 2 megapixel.

8. Follow the Rules
not will be a good Photographer without obey the rules. learning about Photography and Also Equipment.
im sorry i also not yet to be good photographer. but always try and try

Ok, my brother and my sister. you've read Mobile Photography Tips and How To Make Photography with Camera Phone, Please Share to your friend who interesting in Photography.
Thank you very much

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