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Amazing Trip In Indonesia : Welcome To Indonesia Part II

Recommendation for your Travelling and your Photography
Ago we were read Best Place In Indonesia Part I, Now we'll continue.....
Welcome To Indonesia, i'll bring to mind Indonesia not only Bali. Indonesia has many Beautiful Place.
many culture and many language. every corner Indonesia, acctually there're many Beautiful Place.
but not everybody can know it, because not all the place is famous.

but Here, i just will telling Great Place already famous beside Bali. and if you want knowing "Hidden Great Place" you must be an adventure, lol.

ok. check it out guys!!

1. Komodo Island, NTT
Komodo is one of  the 17.508 island that compose the Republic of Indonesia, The habbitat of the Komodo Dragon.
source :
2. Carstensz Pyramid, Papua
"Puncak Jaya" Located in Papua. the highest summit of mount carstensz in the Sudirman range of the western central highlands of Papua province, Indonesia.
source :
3. Bunaken, North Sulawesi
Bunaken is located at nothern tip of the island of sulawesi. Part of the Bunaken National Marine Park.
Bunaken is Paradise of the Sea and favorite for Diving.
source :
ok guys, you've read Amazing Place Part II from Indonesia. next i will tell other Beautiful place in the world. recommendation for Travelling and Photography

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