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Travel Photography

Travelling and Photography
Everybody do like to Travelling. to the beach, Mountain, Forest, Jungle, and so on/
but not everybody do like to make Photography with serious. why? because they're not a Photographer.
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What the Relationship between Photography and Travel?
From Wikipedia Travel Photography is a subcategory of Photography involving the documentation of an area's landscape, people, cultures, customs, and history.
need to know a Travel Photography can be created by Professional or Amateur. This Genre unlike other genres like Food Photography, Fashion, and Product.

Travel Photography dates from the 1850's.
for example about Travel Photography.

1. a trip to south africa
Photography by Emil Von Maltitz/Getty
2. The Golden Gate Bridge , this is a Mobile Photography
Photograph: vbogak/GuardianWitness 

3. Owachomo Bridge, Utah
Photograph by Jim Richardson, National Geographic

ok guys,, i hope this article can give you a new insight

Source and Reference :
1. Wikipedia 

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