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Wedding Photography

What is the Wedding Photography?
Photography of activities relating to Wedding. ussually shoot the Couple before Marriage for Announcements and Thanks you Card.

During the film era, photographer favorite color negative film and medium format cameras. but today many Wedding Photographer using Digital SLR  Camera (DSLR).

Professional Organization for Wedding Photography.
such as Professional Photography of America, Professional Photographer of Canada, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International,  and Wedding Photojournalist Association support the art and bussines of Wedding Photography.

How to Begin to be a Wedding Photographer?
many tips and trick for that, i will be sharing next time. but Wedding Photography must Serious. Wedding is Key Moments. be professional it's very difficulte. we must learning many technique and so on.
but for me, i prefer be Amateur Landscape Photography. because i think i just be Hobby.

ok guys.. just simple post about Wedding Photography. Thanks You Very Much.

Article above from Wikipedia Wedding photography

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