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Food Photography : How to Create It

Heloooooooo everyone, how're you?
FOOD, do you like it? of course! everybody do like that. did you know Food Photography ? almost everybody ever doing. Facebooker, Tweeps, and all user of Social Media was do. ussually they're take food picture before eat, dinner, or lunch ... ahahah and share or upload to their friends. it's you?
Photography Tips
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Food Photography is a Still Life specialization of commercial photography, aimed at producing attractive photographs of food for use in advertisements, menus, packaging, cookbooks. (Wikipedia)

How to Create Food Photography?
from was shared some Tips for Food Photography. it's easy and quick.
check it out : The Best Food Photography Tips

1. Choose Freshest Ingredient.
if you using bad food you will get bad pic.

2.Lighting is Key
Lighting is very important!  give light in everything, backlight is key to texture and making it appetizing looking.

3. Use simple Props and Raw Ingredient

4. Keep the Plates Clean

5. Show it Cooking

6. Shoot in Different Angle

7. Create the Creative Style in Your Shoot

8. Don't Taking Shots That Look Down On A Plate From Directly Above

9. Keep Focus and 

10. Fill The Frame

ok guys, i think it's not to be hard to do it. i hope this article help you. im so sorry if my english not good to readed. thank you very much.

see you

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