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Welcome to Dubai : The Great Place for Your Tour

A Recommendation for Amazing Travelling

have you seen the Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocolt?
where there's a scene when a Actor ( Hunt/ Tom Cruise ) Climb a highest building/tower that called Burj Khalifa.
yes! they were filmed on Dubai. Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities from U.E.A in the world. Dubai has a lot of Amazing Places. you'll be getting many beautiful tour in everywhere. Tourisme is booming industry in Dubai.

ok let's check it out :

1. Burj Khalifa
The highest and most stunning architecture, a tower with 153 floors.
The Amazing Tower
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2. Burj al Arab
Burj al-Arab is Luxury Hotel in Dubai, designed by Tom Wright, reaches a height of 321 meters and 66 floors.
Burj Al Arab
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3. Palm Jumeirah
There has everything you need to enjoy incredible vacation. you'll be get incredible tours, luxury fashion, and shoping center. a place that is truly inspiring place to visited.
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4. Dubai Marina
This is one of the best model cities in the world. called "New Dubai"
Dubai Marina
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ok guys, just sharing 4 recommendation. when you going to Dubai you will knowing, and find many surprised from Dubai.

reference : Google and Wikipedia ...

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