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How To Create Sunset Photographer : A Simple Tips For Mobile Photography

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, And Good Night for My Brother, Sister, All of Your My Virtual Family .
Let's knowing How to Make Sunset Photography with your Camera Phone. Take Easy.
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Minimun pixel for your came is 1MP. and no need flash, tripod, etc. Only Camera Phone and Clean Mind.
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1. Learning About Light
befora take/ shoot the picture. please what you want in your Photo. Dark or Bright??

2. Shoot in Straight Direction
Take the sun in one long shot. don't be shake or skew.

3. Choose Good Place
i think to make sunset photography you must be choosing Grass Field, Rice Field, etc.

4. Keep Fun Thingking
Don't be over serious. always smile for your new photos.

5. Take and Take
try to always take in many different angle. you will be getting one Great photo.

6. Put Object
other than just sun, try to manual compositing in your photo. Doll, Toys, and so on.

7. Edit
if you get worst image maybe you need to editing the photo in Photoshop. ussually if i get dark photo i just pust low levels ( light ) ... but when got bright but broken photos. just Deleted it :D ..

8. Share
Publish your own in your blog, facebook, twitter, Google+, and so on. and ask yor friends to give comment for your Photography.

ok everyone. this is just simple tips for your. hope this help you. thank you very much. Love you

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