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Levitation Photography : How to Create Levitation Photography

Levitation Photography is a Art from Photography Genre, need skill, creativity, and high imagination. many step and method to do this. manual or using photo editor.
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How to create zero gravity for your photo?
i will share some tips, trick, and simple tutorial to do this.

check it out :

1. Make Concept
before you do this, you need thinking what you want. style fly, style place, etc. planning and creative direction.

2. Settting Scene and Place
create background to adjust your concept

3. Manual Exposure Mode in Camera setting
need to capture the same scene both with and without the model and stool

4. Keep it Steady
use your tripod to make it, be careful with your angle

5. Lighting must be Consistent
background and foreground light must be same. choosing the time for the shoot.

6. Post Production
with photoshop skill you can remove stool bellow object. and replace with background without main object.

to make Levitation Photography, we not always using Photoshop. you can do with manual. jump and take with quickly. but it's bit difficult. need good camera to do it. 

to see how to do it with image tutorial you can visit my reference


ok thank you very much. please share to your friends. byee,, see you next time

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